Tasked with revitalising the social media presence of Scottish whisky Aberlour brand. Working along side the Cubo studio to ensure all content aligns with each other across multiple platforms.

As a team, we had to outline and define specific content themes to showcase and communicate every aspect of the Aberlour Brand, showcasing aspects from the distinct flavour notes to their heritage & processes.

Social media today is an ever-changing world. One day to the next new trends are appearing and disappearing. To keep up with the pace of social media, it is vital to gain users attention within a split second. For this, creating visually bold and exciting content was essential to the success of the campaign.

The examples here showcase a selection of work I produced for this particular brand. To give the project more depth, I created cinemagraphs as a way of enhancing the content and creating something extra special to mirror the Aberlour brands story and to strengthen their social media presence.